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What does time have to do with physiotherapy?

Time can both be your best friend and your worst enemy. From a physiotherapy standpoint, a majority of acute pain will settle down on its own given enough time. What to do in that time...that's where we physios come in with guidance, advice and some exercises to help move things along. I have noticed that a lot of people don't fully grasp how long things take to heal. You can't speed up biology. Therefore, just give it time.

On the other hand, as we get older, we gradually lose muscle mass, strength and power, beginning in our 30s. Our bone density also slowly goes down. The rate of loss is not noticeable on a day to day basis. However, there comes a day when you suddenly struggle to get up from your chair or you fall and can't get back up. Or even worse, break a bone. Time has slowly eroded away your muscle strength and mass. Now suddenly you have decades of inactivity to undo. Therefore, it is SO important that you maintain physical activity all throughout life to slow the rate of muscle loss as much as possible. We all get weaker and smaller as we get older anyway. But would you rather be very much weaker and smaller, or just a bit weaker and smaller?

Obviously there are times when you can't afford to wait. You don't wait when someone is having a stroke. You don't wait when your appendix bursts. These are emergencies and the concept of "give it time" does not apply.

Tl, dr: give it time. Be patient. Be consistent. Time will both heal you and harm you. Don't wait for time to do too much damage though. It might be too late by then.

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